3 Reasons Why Netball Trainers Are Essential

3 Reasons Why Netball Trainers Are Essential

3 Reasons Why Netball Trainers Are Essential

It’s easy to grab the nearest pair of runners in your cupboard before you start training, but here at Nutz About Netball, we believe that the best footwear option for netball players is… wait for it… netball trainers!

Here are our top three reasons why.

1 - Netball Trainers can reduce the risk of injury

Let's face it, none of us like being injured. It's painful in more ways than one. Being injured can lead to expensive, inconvenient trips to the physio or even worse the hospital. But especially difficult is missing those important games. No one enjoys watching from the sidelines.

As any player knows, this great game we love can be brutal on the knees and ankles. We all know someone with netballers knee, don’t we?

Netball trainers reduce the risk of injury by design. They provide a more stable platform than a running trainer. You see, the foam in the midsole of a netball trainer is compressed during the manufacturing process. This compressed foam still gives that vital cushioning to the player but has a firmer and more stable feel and prevents excessive rolling, in a way that a running trainer might do. This allows players to change direction, jump, take off, land and stop quickly on the court with less chance of injury.

straight edged running trainer

Netball trainers have solid rubber outsoles with rounded edges, rather than the straight edges (pictured above) you find on a typical running trainer. When your foot lands, this round edge helps to guide it by allowing your proprioceptive system a split second longer to appropriately activate the muscles around your lower leg in order to correct your ankle position and avoid injury.

The upper of a netball trainer is constructed of stiffer material to help support your foot when transferring weight whilst changing direction rapidly. Again, helping you to keep your balance and stay injury-free.

2 - Netball trainers are more cost-effective

Although the top of the range netball trainers can be expensive, they are not yet as expensive as top of the range running trainers. As far as we are concerned here at Nutz About Netball long may that continue!

Playing Netball in running trainers is, to be blunt, a waste of money. They are simply not designed to stand up to the rigours of the game. We don’t think it makes sense to buy a pair of expensive running trainers if you’re just going to destroy them quickly when playing netball. Yes, you could buy cheaper running trainers but, trust us, you’ll likely get through those even more quickly!

Those nifty netball trainers design features we talked about (outsole, midsole and upper) are not only in place to prevent injury but this re-inforcement makes the trainers durable enough for many games of netball.


3 - Netball trainers give you an edge on the court

Netball is a game where small margins can give massive gains. Having a more stable platform with a firmer feel, better grip and more support benefits you so much.

It helps you to change direction more quickly, maybe to lose a marker or dodge a defender. It enables you to accelerate and drive onto a pass and to stop quickly. To fly out on interceptions, to jump, twist, turn and catch and have the balance to pivot and pass the ball to your teammates. You’ll be able to compete on at least the same level as another player in netball trainers. And you’ll definitely have an edge over an opponent playing in running trainers.

If you haven’t yet made the switch, why not? And if you fancy taking a look at our latest collection of brilliant netball specific footwear just click here!

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