Did The Vitality Netball World Cup Inspire You?

Did The Vitality Netball World Cup Inspire You?

Did The Vitality Netball World Cup Inspire You?

Question: Have you been inspired to dust off your netball trainers and pick up a netball since the Vitality Netball World Cup? According to YouGov Survey Data, many of you have.

It has been almost four months since the Vitality Netball World Cup took place in Liverpool. There was great hope for the England Netball Team who had taken gold at the Commonwealth Games just 15 months earlier and were aiming for the top spot in Liverpool on home soil.

It was widely agreed that the tournament was a fantastic success. England, only just losing out to New Zealand in the semi-finals, with a final score of 47-45 in a game that were it not for the sublime shooting of Maria Folau, could easily have ended with an England victory. Who knows what might have been in a final against Australia? England had defeated them in that famous victory on the Gold Coast. If only it had been written in the stars. Ah well, as it turned out the final in Liverpool was a great advert for the sport and New Zealand went on to beat Australia in an even closer game 52-51, so on court netball was most definitely the winner.

Now, just four months later, and as we approach the end of the year, the numbers are starting to roll in and for Netball they are looking very good.

  • 112,000 Tickets sold, a record for a netball world cup. Every England game was a complete sellout. 
  • 44,000 Netball fans visited the Rose Garden fan park based in Liverpool ONE, and were able, (according to Liverpool City Council,) to watch the games on big screens during the event. 
  • 6.07 million people in the UK say they followed or attended the Vitality Netball World Cup.
  • 5.01 million of those 6.07 Million agreed that the England Netball Team are an inspiration to girls of all ages. 
  • 20.1 million people say they were proud that England had hosted the Vitality Netball World Cup. 
  • 26.6 million people in the UK said they would recommend netball to their daughters whether they be their own daughters or even ones they imagined they had. This is an increase of 2.5 million people compared with last year.
  • 160,000 adult ladies who followed the tournament, were inspired by the Vitality Netball World Cup to either take up the sport or to play more netball. 
  • 900 new schools registered for England Netball’s U11 Bee Netball programme.

Here at Nutz About Netball, we believe the Vitality Netball World Cup has helped England Netball create a lasting legacy for the sport here in the UK, and inspired thousands to watch, play and participate in this great sport. If you are one of the thousands of people who have been inspired to either take up netball or even play more, then you are in the right place for great tips and good advice on all manner of netball related information.

Good luck and enjoy.

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